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Vindafjord kommune
Vindafjord – the beating heart of Haugalandet The former municipalities of Vindafjord and Ølen merged to form the new municipality of Vindafjord on 1 January 2006. The new municipality comprises nine communities: Ølen, Ølensvåg, Bjoa, Vikebygd, Skjold, Vats, Sandeid, Vikedal and Imsland.

Ølen, the main community and administrative centre, has a population of 1,450 and is home to a senior high school, sports centre, swimming pool and Norway’s largest private slaughterhouse, Fatland Slakteri.

Ølensvåg is the centre of business and enterprise and is home to several of the district’s major employers.

Bjoa is the focus of the district’s cultural history, with a wealth of heritage sites. These include Steinslandssåta, a hill fort in Innbjoa, and the cultural heritage trail at Hovlandsstø in Utbjoa, where you can see rock carvings from the early Bronze Age.

Vikebygd enjoys a picturesque location beside the Ålfjord. Plassabakeriet, a bakery museum and fully licensed restaurant, is a great place to stop for a meal, and Bjordalstun is the place to stay overnight. Skjold is one of the district’s more populous communities.

Skjold’s magnificent church is the venue for cultural events, concerts and art exhibitions as well as church services. Since the old days, Vats has comprised two communities: Knapphus in Øvre Vats (Upper Vats) is a little village with a variety of small businesses. Nedre Vats (Lower Vats) is the location of the church and Vindafjordhallen, a community hall containing a function suite and swimming pool. Sandeid has all the usual shops and services, plus a number of artisan, electrical and manufacturing businesses. Vikedal is similar to Sandeid in many ways. Tourism has played a key role over the years, and there are three campsites close to the village.Imsland is the smallest community in Vindafjord.

Imslandssjøen is a gem of a village, with some of the best preserved older wooden buildings in the district.

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